Sophrology is particularly well adapted in companies, both individually and in groups, to identify and reduce all the common signs of stress: muscular tensions, sleep disorder, anxiety, tiredness, migraines, depressions, eating disorders…

Preventively, it makes it possible to adopt good relaxation techniques and to avoid accumulating too many tensions. It enhances autonomy, serenity, dynamism and individual support of personal responsibility.

In-company workshops – various topics can be proposed to groups

  • First steps in sophrology and relaxation
  • Management Stress and Muscular tension (prevention of musculoskeletal disorders)
  • Management of emotions
  • Ability to adapt to change
  • Prevention of Burnout and Exhaustion (Psychosocial Risks)
  • Optimisation of Attention, Concentration and Memory
  • Management of speech stress,
  • Enhancement of self-assertiveness
  • Improvement of sleep and energy level
  • Development of self-confidence, performance, autonomy, vitality, motivation

These workshops are adapted to the needs of customers and can vary in duration (1h to 1h30) according to the objectives from a few weeks to several months or even throughout the year.

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Executives, France and international – individuals or groups

The PROP Course (Personal Resource Optimization Programme) in English or French is a custom-tailored course. It can help to boost a certain number of mental drivers: assertiveness, concentration, memorising, mind management of specific objectives, just as professional sportsmen do to prepare their competitions. It enables to enhance the strategic competencies of managers and leaders on sound emotional and mental bases in order to boost their professional performances.

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